Joy is what sells your product.

Muutassim Mukhtar
2 min readJun 15, 2022


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“If you haven’t researched your customers, you’re selling what you think they want not what they actually want. If you’re lucky, you’ll still get sales — but not as many as you would have done. If you’re unlucky, you’ll bomb”

Before you start selling, you need to remember that you are selling to humans and human beings we all know are driven by emotions (at least 99.99% of them). Until you can conquer that emotional barrier, you will find it hard to make a sale.

No matter how educated or experienced, human beings think with their heart when it comes to spending money. The first thing that comes to their mind is ”What is in it for me“. They rearely think of all the marketing jargons you pour into their heads, quality, price it all doesn’t matter as much as the satisfaction they get from it.

In 1979, McDonalds introduced a Happy Meal package which rewards each meal purcahsed by parents with a toy for kids. This made children busy with their new toys and parents the relaxation of a happy meal. Parents loved this, kids did too. It made the customers happy and made McDonalds sell more than it’s competitors.

Gucci, Parada, Louis Vuitton and the rest of the big brands make more sales because they make their customers happy, they make them feel superior, rich and successful. Going into gadgets, Apple does that too; make customers feel so happy with any of their products than their competitors.

So, it is not just the product that matters. But how your customers feel before and and when they purchase your product.

Let me know what makes you buy products that you buy everyday. Does making you happy have a big impact on your buying habit?



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